Crane Climber

Crane Climber –
Quito, Ecuador


Crane Climber
Quito, Ecuador
As a carpenter, I am always observing how structures are built and the different materials used. Ecuador was a particularly fascinating place to study construction since the safety guidelines are much less strict than in Canada ­ so there was considerably more risk involved for those working on a building site. Just below our house in Quito, there was a construction site that I always paid close attention to. Everyday we passed by a friendly security guard who protected the site from trespassers. My goal was to eventually befriend the security guard and one day ask his permission to enter the site to take photographs.
Early one Sunday morning I struck up a conversation with the security guard and was granted full, unsupervised access. Imagine my excitement! I entered the structure and poked around before climbing the ten stories to the top. Upon arrival to the top floor, I unexpectedly came across a crew of three crane operators working. After an engaging conversation with the Foreman, I was granted permission to photograph the team at work. Their job for the day was to scale the exterior of the crane and bolt the new sections together.

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