Box Car Racer

Boxcar Racer –
Quito, Ecuador


Boxcar Racer
Quito, Ecuador
Held during the annual Fiestas de Quito, the Coches de Madera race is similar to a typical American boxcar race, but without the construction standards that you would expect for a children’s race in North America. The event is a one kilometer race, winding down through the steep, hilly streets of Quito’s old city at speeds of over 50km/hr. This particular race was open to children from the ages of five to fifteen years old. The public lined the streets by the thousands to cheer on the young competitors. The boxcars are constructed of leftover timbers, scraps of rubber for the wooden wheels and are oftenheldtogetherbyrustynails,wireorstring. The kids rocket down the street and sometimes crash at the finish line due to high speed and crowds. Here is a photo of a street kid who didn’t participate in the race, but hopped on one of the boxcars after the driver passed the finish line.

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